Saturday, March 31, 2012

Two plays in two days

This week has been quite theatrical.  On Thursday I was the guest of my friend Joan to see the Goodman Theater's production of "Camino Real".  One review called it "Tennessee Williams at his bleakest and most violent"  It surely was.  The staging was amazing, the lighting was spectacular, the acting was without fault, even the music was appropriate for the situations.  None of that made you want to like the play. Here is a lifted photo of the memorable lighting and set design.

Joan and I suspected that they presented it without an intermission to be sure that you sat through the entire show.  I do not regret seeing the play, it was an unforgettable experience, I just wish it had been more uplifting.

Tonight, on the other had, Gene and I joined Mark and Nancy at the Polarity Ensemble Theatre's production of "Tom Jones".  WOW, was it fun.  There was a cast of 17, in a space that seats 52.  We were pleased to be among the attendees.  There was never a dull moment. Described by the producer as "an adaptation of the 1749 Henry Fielding novel by David Hammond. This is a big, sexy, funny romp of a play."  And that it was. We were amazed at how much can be done with minimal props and many doors.  I'm glad we went, it washed away all the gloom the the previous day. Sorry I don't have a photo for you, but I've included the Polarity logo.

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