Sunday, May 20, 2012

Being The Bird Lady Strikes Again

I'm the "bird lady" in our building.  Any and all injured, dazed or confused birds are brought to  me for TLC. 

Today I was given a young crow with an injured toe. The bleeding has stopped and he (?) is asleep on a towel on my bathroom sink. I am sure that he is able to fly.  The window is WIDE open and he has no inclination to fly away, even when standing on my arm at the window sill. I think that rest is the best thing I can do for him now. What food will he want?  Grapes and small bits of rye bread are being ignored.  A little chopped meat was equally unwelcome.  

He made himself at home, tucked his head under his wing and took a nap.  Time passed and we had our dinner and returned to check on the bird.  Not on the sink.  He flew to the window sill where he has now been for the last three hours.

If he is still there in the morning, I think I'll treat him to a trip to the zoo.  (If he enjoys that, then we can go to the Shedd Aquarium.)