Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Swapping Susans

On Ravelry there are many special interest groups.

Some groups are based on the local yarn store (LYS) you frequent, some on what you like to knit, your favorite yarn, the type of pet you live with, where you live, with whom you live, your school, your kids, the sports team you support, favorite TV show, what you read, what you drive, your hopes and fears. And, strangely enough, your first name.

With that in mind, I joined the "Susan Knits" group. There is the chit chat you would expect, some are Susan and never Susie, Suzanne but not Sue, etc. Wediscussed famous Susans, there are few. And we had a swap. I exchanged with Susan (Suse) who lives outside of Melbourne, Australia. About as far from Chicago as you can get.

Here's a link to her blog Knitting for Love and Sanity where she kvells about the box I sent. I'm so pleased she liked the collection, as she says, it's hard to shop for someone you hardly know.

I am waiting as patiently as possible for my package from Australia. Is it here yet?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Casey & Ewa's Wedding

Today, after years of planning, Casey and Ewa were married. Casey is a friend and my former IT guy.

They had perfect weather, a beautiful ceremony, lots of family, flowers and music. The bride's maids had lovely dresses, really nice and not at all "bride's maidsy". The priest's vestments were beautifully embroidered.

Except for Ave Maria that was sung in Latin, the entire ceremony, readings, vows, prayers and all were entirely in Polish. Didn't understand a word of it.

Here are the happy couple and the front of the vestments. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Finished Project and a New Untertaking

As to the Finished Project, I am pleased to be able to post a photo of the Elizabeth Zimmerman baby sweater.

It is finished and on its way to the baby shower. Wear it in good health, kid.

For the New Undertaking, Gene begins his cardio rehab exercise program this afternoon. We bought him "gym" shoes on Monday. Probably the first he has had since he was in school.

I'm getting used to semi-retirement. As things for me were winding down at work, and arrangements were made to cover all my jobs, the new bookkeeper that I had trained quit. She didn't show up one day, couldn't be reached by phone, disappeared. The following day, Alison (the Human of Human Resources, I was the resource!) got her on the phone, she said the job was too stressful and she quit. Bah.

So I'm still there. The good news, work = pay.

This has been a great year for flowering trees. This one is just west of us on Grace Street.

Enjoy spring.