Sunday, March 11, 2007

Busy Times

Where has the time gone? I was shocked to see the date of my last post.

The hat that I said that I was knitting for my son was finished and given to him.
Note to self: Show the yarn to Abe BEFORE you begin.
The hat fit nicely but the color was all wrong. I liked it, it was called "Painted Desert" and was muted tans and blue-greens. While the weather was still cold, I knit up a charcoal gray number that met with his color sensibilities.

Dulaan just got a lovely "Painted Desert" hat, and another one in a sorta dark green heather. I'll have to count, but I think my Dulaan count is up to ten.

Weboggle continues to be addictive. If you see "Sue in Chicago", that's me.

Jewelry making continues. Sales are going well and someone even asked if they could order off my website? I guess I have to get on the ball and make one. I'll keep you posted.

The investment club was here today. We had a good meeting and decided to invest in a new to us stock. We weathered the recent market drop and are doing well.