Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Say Cheese.

Last night, Gene and I went to our local artisan cheese shop for a class called "Cheese 101". An interesting evening. We listened, tasted, asked and enjoyed our way through the basic types of cheese.

Gourmet Group is this Sunday, we have to bring salad and dessert. I'm sure that there will be some cheeses included.

I'm moving up the Ravelry list. Here is today's status. Impatient? Me? Impatient??

"If you've added your name to the invite request list on our front page then you can use this form to check your place in line.

You signed up on July 31, 2007
You are #22093 on the list.
4285 people are ahead of you in line.
14063 people are behind you in line.
49% of the list has been invited so far"

The line is moving. If they started at zero, that would mean that over 36,000 knitters have signed up so far. Wow, that is a lot of yarn.