Thursday, February 01, 2007


It is my duty to issue a Public Service Announcement.
Because it is sometimes important to get thing done, to go to work, to sleep,
DO NOT get started with WEBoggle.
Much like SNOOD, it is addictive.
You have been given fair warning.


Patterns, I don't need no stinkin' patterns. With that in mind, I started a hat for my son. I've made many hats, I know what size things will be. I sat through a Book Club gathering and blissfully started to knit a hat that may have fit him when he was ten. I really like the yarns I used and didn't want to rip it, so it is now my current Dulaan Project project. Skip ahead a few days and I started another hat, smaller needle, many more stitches. It fits me, so I'm sure it will fit him.

So now I have two hats on the needle, one at my computer to work on while things download or while watching TV and the other in the bedroom, so I can knit while I watch TV there or while just seeking some quiet.

I have been going gangbusters making jewelry. I can really see progress when comparing older pieces to what I'm making now. Of course it doesn't hurt to have an ever growing stash of beads and findings.

Cousin Eve liked the earrings sent to her. She wrote a glowing thank you note. I may have to send her some more, just to get the very positive feedback!