Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dear Blog

Dear Blog, please do not feel that I have abandoned you. I have been occupied with several other things. I joined Face book and Abe got me involved with an amazing collection of 10,000 computer games and puzzles.

Thanksgiving has come and gone. We had seven guests at our table, In my humble opinion, it went very well. The meal was tasty, the table talk was interesting and it is always good to have friends join us. The leftovers were delicious and none went to waste.

Winter has come to Chicago with a vengeance. Cold, snow, ice, sleet, the whole works.

I made a sweater for Gene. He wore it for Thanksgiving, just a little unfinished. It was completed in time to go to the Zemil's post-Thanksgiving open house the next day. It was a fast knit. I used a two yarns, both alpaca. The charcoal strand was an eBay bargain and I won 17 balls of the light strand in a raffle.

I also made a scarf for our friend Jeremy. Every Thanksgiving he delivers his delicious, home-made pies, apple and key lime this year. He said he is wearing the scarf everyday. Unfortunately, The pies are but a pleasant memory.