Friday, September 11, 2009

Traveling on

When we last connected with our intrepid travelers, they were in Kentucky, on their way to the Graham-Eckes class reunion in Palm Beach, Florida.

After the National Corvette Museum, we continued on our leisurely drive. The countryside showed more signs of spring each day.

Roads cut through rock are an exotic thing to flatlanders. Frequently there would be water trickling down the face of the rocks. Quite artsy. Many times we were warned to look out for falling rocks, but never told what to do if we saw them.

Our next adventure was a stop at the George A. Dickel & Co. Distillery in Cascade Hollow, Tullahoma, Tennessee. The tour was interesting, educational and a great marketing tool. After seeing what care goes into the production, you have to get some. And guess what, there is a gift shop at the end of the tour. Who would have suspected? We bought a few bottles without tasting, because they are in a dry county and traveled on. That evening, at our hotel, we tasted it. Silky smooth, no burning, wonderful taste. I was hooked.

The next day, we high-tailed it down to Palm Beach to start the reunion festivities.

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Time Passes

Much has happened since last we met. Travel, medical issues, knitting, life.

We took a road trip. I love road trips. No airport bothers, keep your shoes on, be on your own schedule, no hurry-up-and-wait. Gene's high school in Palm Beach planned a multi-class reunion in January, the perfect excuse to get out of two weeks of Chicago winter. We rented a PT Cruiser, at first I wasn't thrilled with the choice, but grew to love that car.

We managed to leave just before a big storm hit Chicago and stayed ahead of more bad weather. One of the neat things about travel at this time of year, is watching the seasons and vegetation change, from snow covered bare trees, to a hint of green, to planted, growing fields and finally the tropical setting of southern Florida.

Ours was a very leisurely drive. We stopped at a favorite winery near Bloomington, Indiana. Oliver Winery has a varied, delicious, and reasonably priced selection. They also have a friendly, helpful staff and beautiful landscaping.

Here we saw the first greening. Spring will happen again this year.

Some landscaping outside their shop.

Our next planned stop was the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This was a stop of parental pride. Our son, Abraham, wrote the computer game "Pit Crew Challenge" that is featured at the museum.

The cars were awesome. The movie about the history of the Corvette showed how the first 50 cars were literally hand-made. This is a recommended stop if you find yourself in Bowling Green.