Thursday, June 19, 2008

Catching Up

Things have been somewhat busy here.

My knitting continues. Scarves and afghan squares mostly. And of course, Ravelry. The Top Chef pool concluded, my chef Richard made it to the final show, but not all the way.

We had a delightful evening with friends at “The Kid from Brooklyn, the Danny Kaye Story”. It is a high-energy musical about you-know-who. The entire cast is only four actors. Two play DK and his wife Sylvia Fine. All the other characters, I guess about 16, are played by the other two actors. Not deep, but not meant to be. Enjoyable, musical, energetic.

The Gourmet Group met for another delicious meal. Phyllis was a wonderful hostess and her deck and garden were perfect for eating outside.

Something unexpected was said here the other day. I used the words “Gene" and “gym bag” in the same sentence.

Book Club read “The Double Bind”, most of us liked it. Some thought that the twist at the end was a cheap trick. Check it out.