Friday, September 26, 2008

Where has the time gone?

My brother Fred mentioned that I had not blogged for a few months. It is nice to know that he checks.

Much has happened since last we met. I'm officially retired. We've do a little close-in travel. The Cubs are in the play offs.

Travel included a weekend with the Mensa Gourmet group at Joan's home in Loda, Illinois. On our annual trip to "The Lake" we enjoyed great food, superb wine, a relaxing pontoon boat ride, excellent conversations and cheap shopping. Previously, at the benefit for the The Harbour, (Joan and Nancy are/were active on the Board), we bid on and won a night at the Timber Creek B&B in Paxton, Illinois, near Joan's house. It worked out perfectly. Rather than driving home after the dinner, we stayed there and came home leisurely on Sunday.

Every year we meet up with my extended family at the DCI finals. This year was extra special. My brother is an alumnus of the Chicago Cavaliers, now the Rosemont Cavaliers. They celebrated their 60th anniversary by organizing an alumni corps, no age limit, just a love for the corps. It was fantastic. They played with joy, enthusiasm and an overwhelming feeling of Cavalier spirit. They were great. The next night were the Finals. The Phantom Regiment from Rockford Illinois won with a dazzling performance.

Our third trip was relaxing weekend in Galena, Illinois. Our friend Kishore knows how to do a picnic. Tandoori chicken was cooked outside, a table full of tasty salads, noshes, and special treats were served but we all ate inside his home on good china with silver and crystal. It was good to see old friends at a happy occasion. North western Illinois is rolling hills and views that look like calendars or jigsaw puzzles. A pleasant place to spend a weekend.

Photos to follow