Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Finished Project and a New Untertaking

As to the Finished Project, I am pleased to be able to post a photo of the Elizabeth Zimmerman baby sweater.

It is finished and on its way to the baby shower. Wear it in good health, kid.

For the New Undertaking, Gene begins his cardio rehab exercise program this afternoon. We bought him "gym" shoes on Monday. Probably the first he has had since he was in school.

I'm getting used to semi-retirement. As things for me were winding down at work, and arrangements were made to cover all my jobs, the new bookkeeper that I had trained quit. She didn't show up one day, couldn't be reached by phone, disappeared. The following day, Alison (the Human of Human Resources, I was the resource!) got her on the phone, she said the job was too stressful and she quit. Bah.

So I'm still there. The good news, work = pay.

This has been a great year for flowering trees. This one is just west of us on Grace Street.

Enjoy spring.

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Susan said...

Great picture of nature and architecture! Also a very sweet baby cardi. Sorry to hear about your work saga. I'm always amazed by some peoples' work attitudes. I'd never just not turn up. Very frustrating for you to have put all that effort in and for nought.