Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hello again

Long time, no blog.

Let's see if I can get this thing rolling again.

Nothing much has changed.  That pretty much covers what has gone on since last we meet.

More recently, last night we went to the redtwist theatre.  (Why can't they use the American spelling? They are on the north side of Chicago.)

There we saw "Look Back in Anger".  It was an amazingly great presentation of a sad, angry, dramatic,  I've-seen-it-once-don't-need-to-again play.

My good friend Laury Libin came to town to see it and encouraged his friends to join him because Baize Buzan, a lifelong (her life) friend was starring.  She did a spectacular job, as did all the other members of the cast.

It was a great night of theater, but not up-lifting or inspirational, unless thinking that your life ain't so bad was the plan to the playwright.  

After the performance,  our group of eight, including Baize, her mother Monika, and other family and friends went to Francesca's, just across Bryn Mawr from the theater and talked, ate and laughed until the fellow washing the floor got to our table.   

Laury and I marveled at the up-scale changes to our "old neighborhood". Bryn Mawr used to be a minor commercial street, around the corner from the old Edgewater Beach Hotel.  It started to go down hill but never got really bad.  It is now clean, cared for, and thriving.  Good job, Chicago.


Haddock said...

The entrance (to redtwist theatre) looks more like a grocery store....

Jim Edlin said...

While you were dining with Ms. Buzan's mother, did you chance to ask her how she happened to name her daughter after a fabric commonly used for billiard tables?

Sue Who Knits said...

Actually, it is the second letter of the alphabet in Yiddish. The cat was Alef.

Sue Who Knits said...

It is a storefront theater. The striped awning does look kind of shoppish.