Friday, June 27, 2014

A Day Away

On Monday, my friend Lena and I went to Michigan City, Indiana to spend some time with our friends Gail and George.

We took the South Shore Line from Millennium Park.  The route of the train is not overwhelming.  It goes from here to there and a little farther.  The ride was slow but uneventful.

They met us at the station. Lena thought she would get some coffee at the station.  She was disappointed.  

George conducted a tour of Michigan City, with a running narrative by Gail.  They are excellent hosts and great at showing off their city.  

I lived in Michigan City in the fifties for  several months.  It certainly has changed.  As a child, we would play in the woods on the back of the sand dunes, climb to the top and roll down the sand front.  All the dunes along Lake Shore Drive are now built up.  The woods have roads and houses. There is a community called Beachwalk that is built on a former sand quarry.  They constructed a wooden boardwalk to cross the wooded dunes. The buildings are a pastel mix. Cute, but not in a bad way.

Delicious lunch at their house.  Who knew you could use Old Bay Seasoning for something other than boiling shrimp.  Gail grilled chicken seasoned with Old Bay and served it on a wonderful salad.

They share their home with Oscar and Tom, two lovable cats. 

Tom is a sleek, black beauty sitting on his perch with a great view of the lake.  
Oscar at rest
Oscar loves everyone and has great markings.  Check out the striped tail.

Next was off to taste wine.  We drove over to the wine country in Michigan. Three stops, 15 tastes of local wines and beautiful scenic views.  There is something to say for peace and quiet.  On the way home we got caught in the most amazing thunder storm.  The news said it was four inches in less than an hour.  The storm was over when we got home.

Rest then dinner out.  The Galveston Steakhouse is recommended if you are in Michigan City.

After dinner we went to the beach.  Let me explain a basic fact of life when you live in Chicago, THE LAKE IS ALWAYS EAST.  In Michigan City, that rule is not true.  The sun sets in the lake.  Totally wrong, but beautiful.

And what is a visit with friends without the group picture?

Thanks Gail and George, we had a great, exciting, relaxing, peaceful, tasty time.

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