Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Thursday evening we had dinner with our old "Dental Show" friends, Wilma and Paul Pinkney.  I first met them at least 15 years ago at the Atlanta Meeting Dental show.  Their booth, Theta Corp, was near mine and we struck up a friendship that has continued through the years.   Now that I don't go to the shows anymore, we see each other when they come to Chicago for the Chicago Dental Society Mid-winter Meeting.  People come from all around the world for this meeting.  They come from places that are warm and sunny to be in Chicago in February.  The mind boggles.

Dinner was at Salerno's on Grand at Racine, one of my favorites.  The food is always great, we caught up on the news and had a good time.  The only drawback was that, unknown to us when we got there, it was Thursday Trivia Contest night.  That would not have been bad except that the director of the game felt that he needed to use an amplifier to reach all the players.  There were only four teams playing and they were within 15 feet of him.  TOO LOUD.  And the questions were dumb.  OK, they were obscure.  Picky baseball stats, minor players on old TV shows.  I'm much better at Jeopardy.

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