Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My How Time Flies....

It has been a while since last I posted.

Things continue to continue. I won't try to play catch-up, but will try to stay current.

Okay, here's a little recent history.

New Year's Eve was a Greek Fest and Games at Abe's. It was both tasty and fun.

It is Chicago and it is winter. It is cold and there is snow. No big deal, nothing like the east coast or even northern Indiana.

I continue to knit and to make jewelry, even knit some jewelry. I participated in a Christmas bazaar and sold several items.

Gene is still busy being a lawyer. He is well and thriving.

Our house is much quieter now that Squerky, our Nanday Conure, died. It is interesting that you can get so attached to an unfriendly, neurotic, feather-challenged bird.

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