Monday, March 03, 2008

News, News, News

Sorry for the delay in posting Gene news. He is home and, after a little setback, onthe road to recovery.

I am now officially semi-retired. I've switched to working twice a week. I slept in this morning, and it felt good.

The weirdest knitting project yet is finished. I have knit a sweater for a large yellow plastic duck that is part of a traveling trophy.

Please note the collar and company initials. Cool, ah?

Have I mentioned how very much I like Ravelry? I'm participating in a traveling scarf project. Thirteen knitters from all around the US have started scarves and sent our section on to the next knitter on the list. Eventually it gets back to you with everyones contribution. In the meantime, scarves show up on my doorstep awaiting their next section. Great fun.

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