Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A New Gizmo

An iPod Nano, mint green, has entered into my life. Love it, love it, love it. Music is good, but I've discovered the world of podcasts, specifically Cast On. A wonderful thing, I think I'm in love with Brenda. There are 59 episodes and I'm being very good about starting with the first episode and going in order. Her knitting knowledge is great, her voice is soothing, the advice is sound, observances enlightening and the music is quite enjoyable. Check it out.

Lest the Nano should feel unloved (fat chance), I knit it a cozy. The ear buds don't get tangled and the unit won't get scratched. Donna, a co-worked, saw it and commissioned one for her iPod. Oh well, I guess I'm forced to go to the yarn store. Life is brutal.

My cozy was made from the same yarn as Faith's socks as sort of an experiment. It worked out fine. There is even an opening on the bottom for the cord.

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