Friday, November 30, 2007

Sock Report

Faith's socks are going to be my undoing.

I assembled everything needed to finish them. Got the pattern, found the finished sock and its toeless friend, and the double-pointed needles. I surely remembered that I was just about to start the toe shaping, so I merrily knit, following the pattern. Bound off the toe and completed the pair. Oops, the foot of the second one was at least 2 inches shorter than the first. This leaves two options; rip out my work or amputate her toes. I thought long and hard, and chose the first.

Remembering the rule for woodworking, measure twice, cut once, I ripped out the work (one could say, I made short work of it) and started over, adding the proper length to the foot. I followed the pattern carefully and somehow got the wrong number of stitches. Bah! I put it away for the night, maybe the elves will come and fix it. Probably not. I hope that I don't have to rip past the splice, because I of course broke the yarn after the false finish. Double Bah!

The socks are colorful and cheery and well worth the effort.

Pictures later.

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