Sunday, October 07, 2007

There's no Joy in Chicago

I would rather not talk about the Cubs.

My brother sent some haiku that seemed appropriate.

Cubs are good – great hope!
Destiny can't be fooled
One hundred years more?

Cubs stink – this is true
Futility without peer
It must be God's plan

Cubs win! Great joy now
Whoops! Just three games – we are done
Order is restored

Yes! This is our year!
But the snake uncoils and strikes!
Rats! Wait 'til next year!

Could this be the year!?
Hopes, again, dashed on the rocks
History repeats

Hope, rocketing high!
But fate has different plans
Its same old, same old

Pain! Gloom! Despair! Tears!
Why? Oh why must they do this?
We were born to lose!

There, the iceberg looms
The Cubs, sail forth, unaware
Damn! Abandon ship!

The play is scripted
The Cubs must follow their part
Fate can be cruel

1 comment:

mary said...

Those poor Cubies, will they ever win the Series?

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am ever so envious of your Ravelry invite. I am so far down on the list...