Monday, September 04, 2006

Beads and bird arrive

I am pleased to report progress on the Ample-Knitters Sandy KAL, at least my little corner of it.
There are now completed two, or should I say both, or even all, of the back panels. Because of my height and preferred sweater length, I'm adding four inches to the cardigan.

I also received some beautiful beads that I ordered from The Bead Wrangler. Between knitting and making earrings, they will be used. In fact, the luscious sapphire beads are being used to make another Garden Party Scarf.

Peace and quiet are gone from the house. Our Nanday Conure "Squerk" has returned after staying with our son for a few weeks while we were out of town and then having the building people come in to tear out a bathroom wall because of a leak. What a mess.

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