Sunday, August 27, 2006

Back in Chicago

This has been a frustrating day for knitting.

While we were driving home from Galena I started on the second back panel for the Ample-Knitters Sandy KAL. I find it quite relaxing to knit in the car. *Progress happened, found an error, ripped*. Repeat from * to * until you think you are knitting a 40 stitch diagonal strip. Knit some more. Count again. Rip until you get back to 40. Knit, count, knit, count, etc. Stop to admire the work and discover that somewhere along the way things go turned around and instead of a diagonal strip, I made something shaped like home plate. I gave up on that skein, grabbed another and started over, correctly this time. Oh well, I'm ahead of where I was before I started.

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